Meet The Team

Matt Robinson

Co-Owner & Gym Manager

My main aim for myself and our members and that is to be fit, healthy, pain free and happy. To achieve this we need to understand our bodies and what it is that they need to thrive. Sounds easy…

In stark contrast, I spent the first thirty five years of my life pushing my body to and often past it’s limits. During my time serving as a Royal Marine, playing Rugby League, triathlon, mountaineering, skiing, sport climbing, surfing and anything else extreme that I could throw my body at.

unsurprisingly in 2008 the wheels started to fall off. I was plagued with injuries and my body was in bits, I had to take a step back and realised that I needed to take a different approach.
In 2011 I began on a new path, starting by retraining as a Sports therapist. Once I started to delve into the world of physiology and training, I discovered a thirst for knowledge which has driven me to keep on learning, experimenting and seeking out what it is that we all need to optimise our health and performance ever since.

Since opening our gym in 2014, I have been on a mission to be the best Coach I can be and to help our members and clients in every way I can.

Away from the gym, my biggest passion in life is sport climbing. My happy place is a day spent at Malham Cove in North Yorkshire working on my latest project.

Emma Evans


I have been a coach at Eleos for the last 4 years, after completing my CrossFit Level 1 whilst at University studying Food Science and Nutrition. I am also a Girls Gone Strong Certified Pre and Post Natal coach and Level 3 Personal Trainer.

I believe that movement is a key part of living a healthy life and for me, when I began getting fit and strong I felt empowered. This is why coaching others is a passion, so that I too can help other people experience the same thing.

In the gym I have a great love for strength training, I have even competed in a strong woman competition, which I loved. I also love indoor rowing and have a few speedy times under my belt, including a marathon row. But deadlifting is my all-time favourite thing to do.

Outside of the gym, I have a family with 2 children, and really understand the importance of feeling good in order to keep up with them all. My second pregnancy inspired me to become a pre and post natal coach. I realised how important exercising safely was throughout pregnancy but how confusing the information about doing this was, even for me as a coach. After my first child there was very little support out there for returning to exercise postpartum especially without the pressure of ‘bouncing back’ or having to accept the side effects of motherhood as inevitable.



The youngest member of the team, Coach Elle, has an extensive background in the martial arts. A black belt in Taekwondo and with over ten years experience training Muay Thai boxing both at home and in Thailand.

Elle loves to travel and has coached sports in the U.S and Quatar.
She runs martial arts based fitness classes “CMBT” for both teens and our adult members alongside our standard classes and brings a unique skillset and style to everything she does.

Her passion is empowering young girls and our female members to have more confidence in everything they do through the experiences she delivers in her classes and interactions with them. 

Tom Harrison

Co-Owner & Coach

As co-owner of the gym since we began in 2014, we had a simple goal of creating a positive, forward thinking and supportive training environment!
6 years on and we have worked hard to fine tune our delivery of programming to small group classes and ensured that we focus on delivering the best possible coaching day in and day out. I’m very excited about how we are positively influencing the way our members approach their training, both physically and mentally.

On a personal level, I can’t remember a time when I have not been involved with physical activity and whilst my goals have changed through the years, my focus hasn’t….enjoy what you do, try new things and above all, have fun!

Training should be accessible no matter what age you are, or your level of ability and our focus on looking after every individual is something I’m most proud of.

Lou Robinson


Enthusiastic, supportive, generous with time, self-disciplined and meticulous about form, I’m a coach who will help you to reach your potential in every class so you leave knowing you’ve given your all.

I have a passion mostly for coaching gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting. Having started these movements later in life, I’m sure I’ve faced the struggles you might so I’m here to help you adapt and overcome them.

Being a primary school teacher by day, you’ll mostly see me in the evenings, either coaching Olympic lifting or training myself and of course on a Saturday: forming my own army of little ninjas.

Alice Bagley-Harrison


I believe we enjoy life most when we build as much movement as possible into every day, in any way that feels good!

I work with compassion for myself and our members and personally enjoy embracing a complementary combination of movement and stillness including lifting weights, yoga asana, meditation and breath work.

I have a background in swimming, ballet and pilates and came to strength training, Olympic lifting and gymnastics in my late 30s when we opened the doors to the gym.

In my coaching I love to help you focus on all the good stuff you CAN do, how movement feels in your body and making the most of any opportunity to move. Personally this usually translates to squats while I brush my teeth, standing on one leg while queueing and annoyingly doing press ups or mobility exercises while on Zoom calls!

I especially enjoy working with older adults on mobility, breath work and strength training for a longer healthy life and helping our members enjoy what they do and know why they are doing it.

Pete Dobbs


Pete came across functional fitness in 2017 whilst studying Geography at the University of Birmingham. Following a brief stint in the Royal Marines & Royal Navy, he took his trainer qualification and commenced coaching at Eleos.
Pete enjoys seeing how a blend of functional fitness, StrongFit, mobility and breathwork can lead to results both in and out of the gym; regularly testing himself through physical challenges and ultra-marathons.
Currently, Pete is exploring the effect of breathwork on his own training and how he can apply it to his next challenge. When not training or coaching he can be found cleaning, climbing hills or eating ice-cream.