Teens and Juniors program

At Eleos we are passionate about getting youngsters active. We have an amazing community of gym members and thought it only right that we included the kids as well!

All our sessions are aimed at building strength and fitness through gymnastics, weightlifting and fun workouts.

We think there are other bigger benefits on top of that though…
We create an inclusive and safe training environment that fosters teamwork, builds confidence & body awareness and is very sociable as well.

Our sessions

For our current timetable and pricing, details are at the bottom of this page.

Teens sessions are aimed at 12yrs+ and are general strength and fitness classes.

Juniors sessions are aimed at 9yrs+ and again are geared towards building strength and fitness with an emphasis on fun games as well.

Girl power! These sessions are for girls 9yrs+ and are run by our amazing female coaches who aim to develop confidence and break down some of the stereotyping around what training should look like for girls.

Girls CMBT is a martial arts based fitness class for 9yrs+ run by Coach Elle. Teaching some basics of self defence along with challenging workouts on the pads and bag.

Teens barbells is an olympic weightlifting session. This teaches teens the lifts from scratch and then transitions into building strength and power in the lifts in a safe and progressive manner.